Drum Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

Drum Lesson FAQ 

What ages do you teach? 

I have experience teaching every age group. Currently, I am focusing on teaching students in the high school age range and above. I do teach younger students on a case by case basis. Please contact me to find out. If anything, I can give you some excellent recommendations for other places to try. 

There are many reasons for this choice, but ultimately the decision leads to better lessons for my students. 

Am I Too Old to Start Drumming? 

Certainly not! I have students well into their 70’s that find the practice very useful. Drumming is an excellent exercise for the brain and will keep you sharp. Please let me know if you have any concerns regarding age or ability. 

Do You Teach Beginners? 

Yes I do! In fact, I have helped so many beginners learn how to drum that I have developed a pretty good method to get you on your way. If they can do it, so can you. 

Do You Teach Theory? 

Yes. Some people may be concerned about the idea of music/drum “notes”, in that it will be too confusing. Learning to read music is actually simple and is something any well rounded musician should be able to do. I give a lot of exercises to my students that require at least a basic understanding of how to read drum music. Trust me, reading theory makes understanding how to drum a lot easier. You might even find you enjoy it!

How Much Do Lessons Cost? 

Click here to see my pricing sheet

How Many Lessons Should I Sign Up For? 

How many lessons you should take really depends on your experience level and how serious you are about learning. Learning to play the drums does take time, so you should be realistic about how much practice you can commit to. However, learning is much more about HOW you practice rather than what and how much you practice.

For beginners: I recommend at least 6 lessons (6-hours) before you fully get an idea of what is required to learn how to drum. In that time, you will have learned how to play a few beats, how to read music, and how to play along to songs. At that point you should have a pretty good idea of how much time drumming takes and if you are interested in continuing. 

For Intermediate Students, or those coming off of a break: I recommend at least 4 sessions (4-hours) to see if we are a good match. It can take a couple sessions before you have an idea of what you really want to get out of lessons. 

For Advanced Students: The choice is really up to you. If you just want a checkup, or to have me give you some exercises to do on your own, one lesson will do. I find most of my advanced students stick with me the longest as there is really no end to what can be explored with drumming. 

I Live in an Apartment and Don’t Have a Drum Kit. What Should I do? 

This is a common problem. I also live in an apartment and have felt your pain. Here are the three things I recommend: 

  1. Find an hourly rental spot nearby. There are many places that will allow you to use their drumset/facilities at an hourly rate. The advantage here is that you don’t need to buy any equipment and can play as loudly as you want. Places like this usually cost around $10-20/hr and are a good starting point if you’re just starting out. 
  2. Rent or buy an electronic drum kit. They might sound a bit "off" and don’t feel like real drums, but they are a great alternative when volume or space is an issue. Just plug in a pair of headphones and you can drum to your heart’s content. 
  3. Rent or buy a real drum kit and use mutes/silent heads. If you want to feel like you’re playing real drums without the volume, this is a great option. The idea is to mute the drum heads so that they don’t produce any sound, but still feel like normal. You can buy drum mutes or use silent stroke drum heads from Remo. Zildjian also makes a great line of low volume cymbals that feel great with very little volume. 

I Do Not Own a Drum Set Yet. What Do You Recommend? 

Learning to drum well is difficult without something to practice on. Beginners can get away with only using a practice pad for the first bit, but will soon need something a little more substantial in order to keep progressing and to keep things interesting. Read the question above for a few options. 

I always recommend renting first and checking things out before you buy. If you are dead-set on owning something, start with Craigslist first. A brand new drum set with decent cymbals is a pretty large financial investment which shouldn’t be made until you know you love it! 

What Equipment Do I Need to Start? 

Nothing! I provide all the materials that you’ll need to get started. If you want to come prepared, grab yourself a pair of sticks and bring that with you. 

What is Your Availability? 

Contact me to find out what times I’m available. Students schedules shift quite often, and there are always openings that need to be filled. If I don’t have any availability, I will put you on a list and contact you the second something opens up. 

What is Your Cancellation Policy? 

Click here to view my cancelation policy

I have a 48 hour cancelation policy. If you cannot make a lesson, let me know as soon as you can so I can try and fill that spot. If you have to cancel within 48 hours, that lesson and payment will be forfeit. I will respect your time and I expect the same in return. 

This policy exists to protect my business, but also to keep students accountable and motivated. I want you to succeed but I also know human nature. At times we will do anything we can to avoid something difficult. Even if it is good for us. This is why we all don’t have 6-packs and always end up quitting our healthy diets and gym sessions. 

When students are kept on a schedule and put their money on the line, they stick with it and make amazing progress.



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